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Our School Story


"Building Community through Mathematics".  

We have had a productive year working with staff and students in using math and community building together.  We have used the book, Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics - 14 Teaching Practices For Enhancing Learning by Peter Liljedahl, as a springboard for discussing teaching in our classrooms.  One aspect of this book that our staff has really enjoyed is the use of vertical non-permanent surfaces to enhance community learning in math.

Having students work in small groups that value all ideas and all members of the group are responsible for learning has helped transform learning math in some classrooms.  We look forward to continuing this journey with our students and staff next year.

Unexpected twist has been that using process has been helpful in other areas of the curriculum as well.

We have also work hard to make math manipulatives more accessible to our classroom by creating rolling carts for four areas of the school where they can be easily accessed by students and staff.

Learning math continues to work in conjunction with building community in our classrooms.  (June 22)

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