Our School Story

Henry Anderson is a large and diverse elementary school and very motivated to learn.  During the past few years Anderson has focused on  Core Competency and Big Idea focus and the teachers and children refer to those Big Ideas when describing their teaching and learning.  These past 16 months have been challenging and maintaining connections has been a priority for all.  In November, we listened to our student and staff voices and found that there were two prevelant desires: to connect with the whole Anderson community and to improve in math understanding.  Our School Story focus for next year and beyond will be:

"Building Community through Mathematics".  

In February, as part of our Pink Day celebration, students each wrote a kindness message on popsicle sticks and we created a Kindness board.   Students in Grade 6/7 did the math!  What is the area needed so that all the sticks cna be included?    What should be the dimensions of the plywood board?   Which part of the board should we cut off?   How much paint will be needed to cover the background?  What length of wood is needed to create the frame?    This is just the right example to introduce how to use math and community building together.   We are so excited about celebrating math learning with you next year!      June 2021

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How We Decided on Our Focus

Posted: Oct 29 2017

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