It All Starts With a Question

It all starts with a question: List three numbers you can represent using 28 base ten blocks.  Describe another way you could represent each number using base ten blocks.


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Here is another example of students working to solve a problem using random groups. Each group had the question, one whiteboard marker and a whiteboard (laminated poster board) and access to base ten blocks.


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Their teacher noted that they were more willing to take risks in a small group than if they were as a class or on their own. The groups were inclusive and everyone found a role to play in the process. Part of this lesson included a gallery walk part way through, where students were able to walk around the class and see what other groups had come up with. Students were able to apply previously taught strategies. Working this way also integrates the core competencies into their math lessons.

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Updated: Tuesday, April 12, 2022