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Starting to explore how our students feel about Mathematics and Community

Getting ready to scan our students on our focus - Mathematics and Building Community.

Anderson staff brainstormed together, "If we want to know our students  …. What questions might we ask them?" regarding our focus of Mathematics and Building Community.  We posed 4 areas to explore and as a staff we worked together to design possible scanning questions for students to better understand their thinking around Mathematics and Building Community.

Below are the Areas to Explore, followed by possible questions to ask students to develop a better understanding.

Feel and think about the purpose of mathematics.

What math did you do today?
What is a “math memory” you have? Positive/negative?
How does math connect to the core competencies?
Where do we use or see math?
How do you use math in other subjects?
How does math connect you to the world?
Who uses math?
How can students be involved in planning?
What do you want to know about math,
Where do you find math in video games? Social media? News?

Feel and think about themselves as mathematicians.

What do you feel when you see math on the schedule?
Where do you feel most confident and least confident when doing math?
Why do we learn math?
When do you feel the most curious when doing math?
What kind of question would a mathematician ask about the world?
Where does math live in your life?
What does a mathematician look like?
How can you improve your confidence as a mathematician?
How can you take more risks with your math?
What games do mathematicians play?
How do you show you thinking?
What does a mathematician sound like?
How do you explain your thinking?
Who are the mathematicians in your life?
Do you like math?
Can you teach someone the math you know?


Feel and think about their community.

What does a community mean to you?
Who is in your community?
What is a community?
What makes you feel like you belong?
Design your dream community… what is similar/different?
What helps you to feel that you are part of a community?
What are your different communities?
What do you appreciate about different communities?
Are all communities the same?
What do you bring to your community?
What are the parts of a community?
Can you map your community to scale?
How far is your home from the school?
Do you feel comfortable sharing your ideas in your community?

Feel and think about collaborating in mathematics.

How does learning in groups change the way we think?
Who do you enjoy working with and why?
How does collaborating support our learning?
What does collaborating in math look like, sound like, and feel like?
When does working in a group help you? How does it help you?
What makes a good math partnership?
Do you like working with a friend, a group?
What makes a good group?
What role do you like to take when working with outers? If you were to take a different role, would your opinion change?
What types of groups do you enjoy when exploring math?
What do you enjoy or not enjoy about think, pair, share? How does it change your level of confidence?
Do you like random groups or do you like to choose your groups? Why?
How many do you like in groups?
Do you like sharing your ideas about math?

Updated: Wednesday, February 22, 2023