Our Story continues in 2021-2022

In November 2020, we once again scanned the students, parents and sataff, asking our four questions about connecting to community, learning and where we're going.  We identified two major trends: Students are interested in improving in math.  Students are connected to only their classroom and cohort teachers, and less to the school community as a whole.

While we recognize that these two trends may be in part connected to the CoVid pandemic, we are eager to respond to the students' needs.

We also reminded ourselves of:

  • high staff participation in a Math Study Group (pre-covid) based on Marion Small books, and facilitated by Janice Novakowski
  • school population who values math
  • the importance of math in life successes
  • the connections between math and all areas of the curriculum

Building on the established School Story focusing on Big Ideas and Core Competencies, a focus on Big Ideas and Core Competencies in Mathematics is a logical next step.

Our new Inquiry Question will focus on:   "How can we strengthen our Anderson community based on common interest in, learning of and excitement for Mathematics?"


Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021