Our Focus

In 2020/2021 we are shifting our inquiry focus to Building Community through Mathematics.

Math is woven throughout our lives, even when we don't realize we're thinking about math, we're thinking about math.  How can we share this perspective with our students and families? 

What are the Big Ideas in Math? 

 How can we come together to celebrate our Math learning and discoveries? 

How can we help each other share the beauty in math?

What are the real-life uses of math that we can highlight?

How we help students reflect on their math learning? 


In 2019/2020 a majority of Anderson teachers met for lunch study groups focusing on Marian Small's math series on asking Open Questions.  Many used these questions to extend mathematical questions with their students.   We were impressed by the children's thinking!  

In 2020/2021 we will be searching for math!  Look in our blog posts for some examples of finding math at school!