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Anderson PAC

Who and What Is the PAC (Parent Advisory Committee)?

All parents (and guardians) with children at Henry Anderson Elementary School are members of Anderson’s PAC.  The PAC’s primary goal is to promote effective communication between the home and the school. 

PAC information is available on the school website <>. 
Any questions or concerns can be emailed to


PAC Meetings

Once a month, the PAC Executives, PAC Members, and the School Administration, usually the Principal and Vice Principal, meet on Zoom for about an hour.  At these meetings the School Administration informs parents of what is happening at the school—past events as well as upcoming events.  Other topics of discussion may include new fundraising initiatives, how to spend PAC monies, and any other concerns that have been raised by parents.

The meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm.
(May 5th , June 2, 2021)
ALL parents are welcome and encouraged to attend!  

If you would like to join our virtual PAC meeting, please email and we can send you the information to join via zoom!


Executives for School Year 2020 – 2021

Chair (acting chair)– Mary Hsi

Vice Chair – Marine Walic

Co-Treasurer – Crista Burke

Co-Treasurer – Cecilia Leung (CC)

Co-Secretary – Gail Lam

Co-Secretary - Yusra Qadir


So what’s the difference between a PAC Member and a PAC Executive?

PAC Executives are those parents who have chosen to hold an official position within the PAC.  These are volunteer positions with no compensation provided by the school.  Please see below for a short description of each position.

PAC Members can help the PAC throughout the year in fundraising or other initiatives as requested by the PAC Executives, or simply just attend the PAC meetings to find out what’s happening at the school.


PAC Executive Positions

Chair – The leader of the PAC who runs the meetings, checks the email account, and ensures that each PAC Executive is doing their job. 

Vice Chair – Secondary leader who steps in when the Chairperson is absent.

Secretary/Co Secretary – Records the minutes at each PAC meeting and makes them available to PAC Members.

Treasurer/Co Treasure – Keeps track of PAC accounts and submits the BC Gaming Fund Application*.

*    Each year the provincial government provides the PAC with money (currently $20/student) to spend on extracurricular activities for students, like field trips, gym equipment, and computers.  This money is usually referred to as the “gaming grant” and is administered through a separate account.  However, there are some statutory limitations on the use of the gaming grant.  The PAC also fundraises, primarily through Pizza Days, to raise additional money that can be used for curricular (i.e., in class) activities.  This may not be the case next year as the Casinos are not open due to Covid.


PAC Volunteer Opportunities

The following is a list of some of the parent volunteer opportunities (once things are back to normal):

Safe Arrival – Update each classroom’s daily attendance list by checking the voicemail messages left on the student absences phone line.

→  Time commitment:  1 day a week for about 1 hour in the morning

Breakfast Club – Help prepare and serve breakfast in the gym twice a month.

→  Time commitment:  1 or 2 days a month for about 1 or 2 hours

Pizza Day – Help sell pizza, chips, and juice to students twice a month.

→  Time commitment:  1 or 2 days a month for about 1 or 2 hours

Book Fairs – Help sell Scholastic books to students in the school foyer to raise money for the library.

Yearbook – Help create the yearbook, primarily involves taking photos and light proofreading.

Food Cupboard – Check and keep the food cupboard stocked with healthy snacks for the occasional student who forgets his or her lunch.


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