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2023-2024 PAC Fundraisers! Help Raise Funds for the School, ALL YEAR ROUND!


Fundraising provides students and teachers with additional resources and opportunities beyond what the school budget covers.  This includes things like classroom supplies, field trips, live performances, books for the library, or field/playground improvements.  With Covid-19, we realized the importance of having an outdoor program as well.  We have a beautiful shed, plant beds and picnic tables. We need to maintain the garden and build a community.  Please try to participate in any way you can so we are able to reach our target!

Here are some ways you can contribute all year long:

  1. Scholastic Reading Club – rewards will go to the Library.
  2. Cobs Bread (Blundell Centre only)
  3. Mabels Labels
  4. Return-It Bottle Returns
  5. School Cash Online - Monetary Donations



Reading Club offers students a wide range of titles in each flyer, from popular and award-winning fiction series and charming new picture books, to fascinating non-fiction titles and hands-on activities that stimulate creativity and encourage problem-solving.  With Classroom Rewards, your child’s teacher can get books and learning resources to help foster a print-rich classroom for all students to enjoy.  The Library will earn 20% in rewards.  Free shipping over $40.


2. COBS BREAD - Blundell Centre ( No. 2 Rd & Blundell only)

Mention “Henry Anderson” when purchasing

5% of your purchase goes to our school!
If you buy 6-pk of Hot Cross Buns, our school gets $2 back !



Personalized, peel & stick, super-durable labels that safely go in the laundry, dishwasher and microwave.
Anderson will
receive 20% back from sales.

1.  Go to:  Support a Fundraiser
2.  Type in & Search for: "Henry Anderson Elementary (Richmond)"
3.  Happy Shopping!



Anderson PAC is running an ongoing bottle drive fundraiser! Drop your empties off at any Return-It Depots and your contributions will go towards the student activities. Tell your friends and family!

For deposit refund and recycling fees on each container type, click here.

  1. Collect your empties . . . Put them in a clear plastic bag.
  2. Visit any Return-It Depot
  3. Go to the Kiosk, Enter: 604.668.6358
  4. Print labels and stick 1 label on each bag
  5. Drop the bags in the Express bins.  Done!

Return-It will sort and deposit the bottle money into our PAC account.


5. CASH DONATIONS through SchoolCashOnline

  1. Choose an amount for donation
  2. Fund Destination : Anderson Elementary
  3. This gift is : Not a tribute gift
  4. Message : PAC Funds
  5. Click « Add to Cart » , checkout and done !

Tax receipts provided for donations over $20. ALL YEAR LONG.

Updated: Wednesday, September 6, 2023