In-Person AND Virtual Scholastic Book Fair - Nov. 15th to Nov. 21st!

Our In-Person AND Virtual Scholastic Book Fair is happening Mon. Nov. 15th to Sun. Nov. 21st.

In-Person Book Fair will be STUDENTS ONLY.  Each Division will visit the Fair twice during the week.  

- Virtual Book Fair will be ONLINE starting Nov. 15th to 21st.  All orders will be shipped to the school for parent pick up on Nov. 24 at 8:45am or 2:30pm, and they will need to show an Order Number/email address.

- Classroom Wish Lists are back!  Parents will be able to purchase from the teacher wish lists via the Virtual Fair, e-transfer, or through the student, in-person.  

Here is the link where parents can look for their classroom wishlist:

Question, what if a student wants a book but does not bring money?  

We will give them a slip and the parent can choose from 3 different ways to purchase:

1.Email the Bookfair and e-transfer the money.  Then, we can send the book to the child's class.  

2. On the child's second visit to the Fair, they can bring money. 

3. Purchase the book online, pick up Nov. 24th.


20% of our sales will go to the Library!

If you have questions, please email:

Thank you for your support!

-CC (Anderson Parent)

Updated: Thursday, December 9, 2021