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Ms. Yau’s class has been working on a cool project we call the MUSHROOM PROJECT through an Arts Grant we got from ArtStart. Throughout October, they worked with Isabelle and Willoughby, performance artist and mycologist respectively to learn about mushrooms, their fungal properties and how to cultivate them.   

This included inoculating the mycelium (which are the vegetable thread like part of the mushroom) and spawning them in a wet sawdust.  Then boiling the mushroom to dye some fabric, designing 3D mushroom shapes with paper first, then cutting out the fabric, sewing them together and stuffing them with the mycelium spawn sawdust to make them into stuffies.    

Div. 2 has installed them in our school garden and are documenting their growth every day and putting the pictures together to make a stop-motion video.  Mme. Szeto and Mme. Pawer’s class are helping to document this process for about 3 weeks.  Now, we need to raise at least $1,000 as part of this project.


Buy our 3 lb Premium Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit for only $18! - A Great Sustainable Holiday Gift!

Comes pre-inoculated and ready to be colonized at home.
These Grow Kits come pre-inoculated and only require 20 to 25 days to fully colonize before they’re Ready-to-Fruit.Skip the hassle of dealing with Syringes, Spawn, or Transfers.

Instructions:  How to grow Oyster Mushrooms


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3. Click “Div. 2 - Mushroom Project Fundraiser”

4. Type in Quantity and “Add to Cart”

5. Finalize payment and done!


If you are interested in purchasing a kit and do not have a School Cash Online account,
Please email: and we will be able to take your order via etransfer.


Kits will be delivered to your child’s class - Week of December 13th


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Updated: Thursday, November 25, 2021