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Math News in Richmond April 2019

Mathematics in the Richmond School District

April 2019


April is Financial Literacy month in North America. Many classes in Richmond participate in financial literacy projects, problems and tasks during this month. Developing financial literacy is a new part of BC’s redesigned mathematics curriculum with a content learning standard at each grades from Kindergarten through Grade 10. The focus of financial literacy begins with developing an understanding of the difference between needs and wants and grows over the years to include saving and spending, fluency with coins and bills, simple budgeting, earnings, and calculations with percentage discounts and taxes.


The third Wednesday of April is Canadian Talk With Our Kids About Money Day, (TWOKAM) an initiative supported by the Canadian Federation for Economic Education. Information for parents and families can be found on their website here:


For more information about BC’s mathematics curriculum, visit the BC curriculum website at or talk to your child’s teacher, school administration or contact Janice Novakowski, K-12 District Teacher Consultant for Mathematics & Numeracy at

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