Anderson Elementary School


Parent Input for Class Placements 2019-2020

Class placements for September 2019

The staff at Anderson Elementary will soon participate in collaborative discussions regarding decisions for the placement of students in classes for September 2019.  Our goal is to make the best decisions for your children, based on recommendations from teachers, learning assistance and ELL levels, a child’s level of social responsibility, strengths and challenges, class configurations and potential and actual friendship groups.  While the ultimate decision for class placement is the responsibility of the school administrator, we will consider any relevant information you would like to share about your child.  Requests for specific teachers cannot be considered.  You may contact the principal, Mme Christine Marin, in writing, any time before May 31 to communicate important information about your child’s placement.  After May 31, it will be too late for your input to be considered.  Thank you for your confidence and support as we work to do the very best for all of the children at Anderson.    ... Mme Marin

Thu, 2019/04/25 - 5:38pm