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Leadership Newsletter

Check out all the learning that happened at this week's Grade 4-7 Leadership Conference!


2018 Anderson Leadership Newsletter



During the first week of school, the grade 4-7 students at Anderson Elementary participated in a series of leadership sessions.  The nine sessions focused on the curricular area of Social Responsibility to encourage the students to take on more of a leadership role in our school and community.  The topics for this year were:


Recycling - Ms. Li


We only have one Earth. How can we make our carbon footprint a little smaller? Through group discussions and an interactive game, students learned how to properly dispose of things they no longer need.


 Digital Citizenship - Mme Murray 


Students learned about cyberbullying, positive and negative aspects of interacting online and the difference between being a passive bystander versus a brave up-stander in cyberbullying situations.  


Social Responsibility - Mrs. Dhari


Students created posters in groups identifying ways in which they could be socially responsible at school, home and the community.


School Service – Mr. Clay-Smith


Mr. Clay-Smith discussed the meaning of Leadership and Service with the students. He outlined relevant jobs for the students in and around the school and what Anderson students do to help Anderson elementary be a vibrant, positive community.


WE SOAR feathers -Mrs. Funston


Students shouted out their names, in oil pastels, on a feather shape. Around each name, words describe strengths, skills and traits they bring to our Anderson community. The feathers will be added to Andy’s wings in the foyer. Feathers created by previous years’ students and staff members remain. As in life, those that have gone before, form the foundation for those today. The symbolism matched the reality. To those behind the scenes, we thank you for being such fine examples of Citizenship and Leadership. The challenge to this year’s leaders? Provide the same example for those who follow you. We are Eagles.

Together, WE SOAR.


Anderson Social Responsibility Matrix – Mme. Carruthers


As Anderson Eagles, We SOAR: We not Me, Safety, Ownership, Attitude, and Respect. In this session, we talked about each of these five guiding principles and how we can demonstrate them at school. Students then worked cooperatively to create and present a skit exploring one area of the matrix. 


Nature Walk - Ms. Scharf


Just breathe! One of the areas of focus and one thing we often forget to do. Understanding our brains, our reactions to our emotions and stress. Being in nature calms the body and the mind. A daily nature walk will improve all areas of your life.


 Five Seconds of Courage - Mme. Walliser


This session explored using courage to communicate with others in our school setting and to strengthen our Anderson community. We discovered how five seconds of courage can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others, both now and in the future.


Giving Back to the community – Mme. Wilson


The students watched an episode of the program, Returning the Favor, to learn about Kenzie Hinson, a 13 year old, who started a non-profit group called Make a Difference Pantry.  We discussed what it means to support and give back to our community.  We then made Christmas cards and Valentines for the Broadway Lodge care home for seniors in Vancouver.

Thu, 2018/09/06 - 3:34pm